The Abrya Coast

Wumba and Hunter

Session 1 - Greetings and Brew

Day 1:
The adventure begins with two members meeting by chance in the small village of Meadowlark. Hunter, a Tabxi Warlock arrives at the village in the early afternoon and takes up a room at the local inn. After he settled into his room and cleaned up he heads downstairs to relax and enjoy a drink.

A short while later a large dragonborn warrior named Wumba enters the town intending to get a good night sleep indoors. He is simply passing through and plans to continue his journey in the morning. He asks the guard standing near the eastern gate where he might be able find a room for the night. The guard points him to a building on the opposite side of the villages courtyard and returns to watching the gate.

Wumba saunters across the courtyard and enters the Inn. He approaches a red headed Dwarven woman behind the bar, and asks her about staying for the evening. The Inn’s owner Glyndril tells him that they are full at the moment but one of her guests should be leaving soon. Wumba asks how long he would have to wait as he has been traveling for quite a while and could use a bath. She checks her books and informs him that he should be out in about an hour but she can go check up on him. She proceeds upstairs promising to return shortly.

Hunter, who has been awkwardly staring at Wumba for the last few minutes, gets up and slinks over to him. He asks him if he happens to have any interesting items he would be willing to part with. Hunter states that he is particularly interested in anything related to dragons,like possibly a scale. Wumba turns to Hunter and introduces himself. He tells Hunter that he unfortunately has never even seen a dragon, even though he is dragonborn, and that he does not have anything he could trade. An idea comes to him though, and he tells Hunter that he could part with one of his own shedding scales if he would like. Hunter happily takes the scale and beings looking it over.

At this time Glyndril returns from upstairs and walks over to the pair. She informs Wumba that it seems the other guest has already left without her noticing. She says that she has prepared the room for him and drew him a bath. He thanks her and goes up stairs to settle in.Hunter returns to his table in the corner to examine his new treasure.

After a while of examining the scale Hunter finishes the last of his drink and walks over to the bar. He asks Glyndril if there is anywhere nearby he might be able to find a magnifying glass. She informs him that she does not have any such item but the general store across the way might. He thinks for a moment and then asks if there are places that might have any interesting items to purchase. She points him again to the general store that resides almost directly across the courtyard from the Inn. He thanks her and heads to the store.

Hunter walks across the street to the shop and peers in the window. He sees an older dark haired human looking over something on the counter in front of him. Hunter barges into the shop startling its owner. The man bounces on his stool as he looks up at the sudden noise. Seeing that the noise is a potential customer he introduces himself as Fredric and asks Hunter how he can help.

Hunter asks Fredric if he would be willing to trade anything for a dragon scale. Fredric’s eyes perk up as he sees the scale in Hunter’s hand. He gingerly takes the scale between his index and thumb, holding it up in the light. He flicks down a magnifying lens attached to a head band and examines the scale.

His brow furrows as he looks back at Hunter, one eye engorged in the lens. He tells Hunter that this is not a dragon scale, but a common dragonborn scale. He shakes his head telling him that the scale is unfortunately worthless.

Disappointed, Hunter asks the man if he might have anything related to magical items. Fredric informs Hunter that he does not have anything magical, or even about magic for that matter . Holding up a finger, he states that he does have a story about a magic book called “The Black Grimoire” though. In addition he also has a map of the area that Hunter could use to explore.

Hunter asks how much he would want for the items and Fredric tells him it would be 20 gold for the two. Not willing to part with the gold he asks if he would be willing to trade the items for a pelt. He pulls a very large beaver pelt out of his pack and throws it on the shop counter. Fredric lifts the pelt up and upon seeing its quality and massive size quickly agrees to trade both items for it. Hunter takes them both, says goodbye and exits the shop. He walks across the dirt road and sits down on the edge of the courtyard’s fountain to examine his purchases.

He looks over the map first, pulling it out and spreading it out in his lap. It shows the layout of the town with is few points of interest, the paths and trails within the nearby forest, and a single building on a hill outside town.Satisfied with the contents of the map he places it in his bag and begins reading the story of The Black Grimoire. The scroll details the story of a cursed book not surprisingly called The Black Grimoire. It tells how this book was passed from place to place causing grief and chaos wherever it was present. The story ends with the Grimoire in the possession of an evil Hag, and tells that it has not been seen since. Hunter rolls up the scroll and places it with the map in his bag. He throws the bag over his shoulder and heads back to the Inn.

A short time later, Wumba comes downstairs after being summoned by Glyndril for dinner. He takes his plate from her and pulls up a seat at one of the tables. He notices Hunter in the corner of the room, picks up his plate, and walks over to his table. He asks Hunter if it would be ok if he joined him. Hunter waves a hand and invites him to sit.

They trade stories about their past and enjoy the meal provided by the Inn. During the conversation Glyndril overhears Wumba mention that he used to be a soldier. She approaches the pair when she sees that the meal is finished, clears their plates, and asks if what she heard is correct. Wumba tells her that he indeed use to be a soldier in the king’s army. She asks the two if they would be willing to help out with an issue the local brewery has been having.

She tells them that she does not know the details but it has something to do with a pest problem. She points towards the door and says that there is a flyer outside on the message board with more info. While Glyndril and Wumba are talking Hunter suddenly gets up and retrieves the flyer. Wumba agrees to help out and says that he will head out in the morning. Hunter is curious and says he will tag along, but does not plan on assisting unless the need arises. Hunter retires to bed a short time later leaving Wumba to finish his drink.

Wumba notices a grungy half orc passed out at a table on the other side of the room, empty tankard still in hard. Wumba walks over to the man and gives him a kick to the leg. The man’s head rolls over looking up at him and he burps out a “What?”. Wumba gives the man his name and asks if he can buy him a drink. The orc perks up, a little more conscious, and exclaims “Sure!”. Wumba orders two drinks and settles down for some conversation. The orc downs his beer and promptly passes out again. Wumba asks Glyndril what the orc’s situation is and she tells him that his name is Everik and he is just a local farmer. He lost his wife a few years ago and now spends most of his nights at the Inn drinking his sorrow away. Wumba finishes his drink and heads to bed.

Day two:
The next morning the two travelers come down and eat their morning meal. When they had finished they geared up and head out to the brewery. When they arrive they meet the brewery’s owner, Glowkindle. He invites them inside for a mug of ale and to discuss the details. He tells them that during some construction in the beer cellar, a whole was breached into an unknown room and his workers were attacked by a pack of huge black rats. They escaped without any serious injury but they can not keep working with the rats there. He agrees to pay them 25 gold each if they can rid his business of the rats, investigate their source and ensure that he does not run into any more surprises. Wumba agrees to the terms and Hunter again says he will follow but is not interested in the money. Glowkindle shows them to the cellars entrance, unlocks it and allows them inside.

In the cellar the two do not see any sign of the rats at first, but using a light borrowed from Glowkindle they see a hole in wall opposite to the stairs. Moving the light across the room they see that this whole side of the room is littered with casks of ale, and from behind one these they see a flicking rat tail. Listening, it becomes obvious that there are a large number of rats hiding behind the barrels on the other side of the room.

Wumba attempts to sneak up on the rat but fails. Eight rats were hiding on the far side of the room and immediately attack the two. Wumba takes a nasty bite from one of them but manages to evade the other three who leapt at him. Hunter also manages to fend off three of his four attackers.

Wumba takes a deep breath then spews a toxic cloud out over the rats, engulfing three of them. Hunter, now under attack unleashes a flurry of attacks in the form of magical tendrils, hitting most of the rats in the room, killing several and bringing the rest close to death. Hunter turns, and vaporizes another of the rats in a blast of energy. The remaining rats, realizing that they may be in trouble, attempt to flee. In their panic the rats leave themselves open to attack from both of the adventures. Every single rat is killed before they can flee.


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