Small village


Meadowlark is a quaint farming village that resides in the western forests of The Abrya Coast. It lays at the foot of a lone mountain, Arc’s Height, surrounded by thick woods.

The Village is protected by a 20 ft. reinforced wooden fence that completely encircles it. The fence is made of hole tree trunks with the tops sharpened to points. Two gates allow access, one on the eastern side and one on the northern side. The buildings inside are of simple design made of mostly wood and thatch. There are few shops or businesses, with most of the residents working for the farms. In the middle of the village is a large courtyard with a fountain at its center.

The land outside of the walls has had about 300 yards of forest cleared and is being used for agriculture. There are a number of different farms and fields littered around the outside of the walls. Most of what is produced is used by the village and any extra is exported to other villages.


Known Points of Interested

  • Glyndril’s Inn
  • Goods and Supplies
  • Mayor’s house
  • Eastern Guard house
  • Northern Guard house
  • Brewery – The Wizard’s Tower Brewing Co.
  • Courtyard / Fountain


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